The Spring’s Holy Week Schedule For 2020

Holy Week Schedule  Although this year is different from any other year in our lifetime, we are doing our best to bring you meaningful times of worship. I cannot encourage you strongly enough to enter fully into each one of these experiences. They build on each other.

Easter Sunday | April 12th | Join Us At 9:15am For Community Zoom Call | 9:30am For Worship Online

Because of COVID-19 and social distancing precautions, we will not be worshiping at Tempe Mission Palms, as was planned. However, we will be worshiping at 9:30 am, online. We’ll have a Zoom meet and greet at 9:15 (see the website for how to join) and then will worship together virtually at 9:30, celebrating the fact that Christ > Death. If there has ever been a time to hold on to that knowledge, that time is now!

WORSHIP ONLINE: (If you head to our pages early be sure to refresh for the video’s to appear as they will post live at 9:30am)

ZOOM @9:15am | To join the greeting time before Easter Worship click on then, if asked, enter the password 292264, or if you are in Zoom already, you can enter the meeting ID 704 354 080, and, if asked, enter the password 292264. If you are unable to join us online you can call into the meeting by dialing 1 669 900 6833 and use the same ID number to log in.


Christ Is Risen



Good Friday | April 10th | Join Us When You Can Find Quiet


Christ was on the cross from noon until 3:00, when he died. We will post a guided meditation that we hope will be online by noon. You will want to watch it when you can be quiet and have space physically and spiritually to enter in. We’ll have more details for you next week. 

Maundy Thursday | April 9th | Join Us Before Dinner



We will have a video presentation, about 20 minutes, and it will include the Words of Institution for communion, which you will then serve in your homes. For this you will need any kind of bread or cracker and any beverage. Afterwards, because the original “Maundy Thursday” happened around a communal meal, we hope you will eat with those in your home and discuss the age-appropriate questions we will have posted on our website. If you live alone, please connect with others and eat dinner with someone(s) else virtually. The video will be online sometime in the early afternoon at the latest.

Humility > Pride | Comparison Graphic

Humility > Pride | Scripture References | Luke 18:9-14 + John 13:1-13

Kid Appropriate Questions

  1. What is humility? (Humility is the opposite of being prideful or bragging. It’s ok to see that you did something well but humility means we give credit to others and thank others for how they contribute as well)
  2. Who is our ultimate example of humility? (Jesus!)
  3. Why do we celebrate Maundy Thursday? (We celebrate Jesus commanding us to love each other as he has loved us)
  4. How did Jesus show humility? (Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, a lowly act, to show humility)
  5. How can you love each other like Jesus? (open for kid discussion)

Adult Questions

  1. What does the posture of your prayer life look like lately?
  2. Have you found yourself compelled to ‘impress’ God or justify yourself in prayer?
  3. Have you noticed areas in your life where you may have an ‘I’ problem?
  4. What might it look like to give those over to Jesus?
  5. What are some ways you could ‘wash the feet’ of your neighbor in this pandemic season?
  6. When you think of a humble person, what do they “do” that makes you think that they are humble?