The Spring Church COVID-19 Update April 10, 2020

The Spring Church COVID-19 Update April 10, 2020

Those who know your name put their trust in you for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you. – Psalm 9:10

Dear Springpeople,

         I received an email this week from a journal I subscribe to titled “The Life-giving Emptiness of This Easter.” It was an Easter meditation for a pandemic. In it William Brown pointed out that Christ’s resurrection did not begin (or end) with large gatherings of Christians. That’s true. There were no choirs, praise teams, orchestras, pipe organs, or bands. Easter began with an empty tomb and three fearful women, and a tomb emptied of death. 

According to John’s Gospel, the resurrected Jesus made his first public appearance with the disciples who were in social isolation, huddled in fear – a locked room. To be sure, their social isolation was for a different reason than ours. But no matter. Christ will surely find us this Easter, wherever we have isolated ourselves. He has done it before. Our prayer is that he will do it again this year! Join us as we ponder the death of Christ and celebrate his resurrection! With love from Gayle ( and Tom (

Good Friday Luke (Pastor of The Spring Midtown) created a powerful video meditation on the stations of the cross. You can find links to it at Watch it when you have time to be quiet and reflective. The video is about 10 minutes as it’s posted, but push the “pause” button, take time to read the scriptures and reflect on them for as long as you want. Push the “play” button when you’re ready to continue.


Zoom call at 9:15. Please text or email jokes to Tom or Gayle, and we’ll call on as many of you as we can so you can tell it. Easter is traditionally a day for joke-telling and laughter. Let’s do that together! Info for signing on to the Zoom call will be on the website.

Worship at 9:30. Normally, you bring friends and family on this special day of worship. We hope you will invite them to come with you virtually! Please be praying that the gospel is proclaimed and that God is drawing people to himself in this time of physical isolation.

Words to the songs are on the website If you want to download the words so you can sing along during worship, they are on the website on the “Worship Online” page.

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