The Spring

Connecting Disconnected People to Christ, Community and the World.


Gayle Parker, Pastor


Gayle Parker is crazy (in a good way) about her husband, Tom, and her children Luke, Ben and Sharon, and Zach. She loves to cook (and to eat), to hang out with people, to read, and is remarkably good at playing Words With Friends.

She loves the Lord of the Church, Jesus Christ, and she loves the people of The Spring and is enthusiastic and passionate about the mission – connecting with those who are not connected to Christ, to a church community, and/or to Christ’s mission in the world.
Many years ago Gayle earned an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary. An ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church, before serving at The Spring, Gayle served two established churches in the Phoenix area – as an associate pastor at Scottsdale Presbyterian and for 14 years as senior pastor of Historic First Presbyterian Church in inner-city Phoenix.

In addition to being a pastor, Gayle is an adjunct professor at Fuller Seminary SW, where she teaches in the area of preaching.

Tom Parker, Pastor


Tom Parker considers himself fortunate to know the love of God through his son Jesus Christ. In profound ways, he also experiences that love through the love of his wife, Gayle, and his children, Luke + Jes, Ben + Sharon, and Zach + Christine. He is trying to respond to that love with his life. Tom loves being part of The Spring and is a big fan of the Mission – going deeper into Christ, into Community, and into the World. He is grateful for our times of worship and study, the friendships forming in the community, and he considers it a privilege to learn to do justice and mercy together with the other members of The Spring.

In addition to pastoring at The Spring, Tom has served as the Director of Fuller Theological Seminary Southwest since 1988, where he also teaches classes in Old Testament, Biblical Hebrew, and Biblical Greek. (Clearly the life of a party.)

Tom is a graduate of the University of Sheffield, England (M.Phil.), Princeton Theological Seminary (M.Div.), and the University of Arizona (B.A.). He is an ordained Pastor in the Presbyterian Church.

Tom loves it that Gayle loves to cook. He is happy to enjoy the food, the company, and the wine. His hobbies are reading and running, and enjoys watching well-written comedy.

Chris Elliott, Audio Technician


Chris Elliott is a well rounded musician with experience in many different corners of the music industry including performance, recording, live sound, and composition. He graduated in 2007 from Mesa Community College with an Associates Degree in Audio Production Technology.

Chris has been involved with music since a very young age. He started singing in the children’s choir at his family’s church in Atlanta Georgia, then upon moving to Arizona he played Alto Saxophone in the school band through middle school and high school. Since then he has been involved with many different musical groups and activities of many different styles. Currently he is a member of two performing bands and is a live sound technician at a few local venues as well as holding the Audio Technician position at The Spring Church. Chris was also involved with Young Life as both a student and leader throughout his high school and college career.

Kate Farrar, Media & Communications


Kate grew up in Northern California and moved with her family to Arizona in 1998. In 2001, she took a class on basic HTML and has been hooked ever since. After high school Kate realized she could do more on the web than just make cool myspace pages and began working as a web developer and designer. 12 years later, she has had the privilege of working with numerous non-profits, churches, and businesses to establish them a presence on the web.

Kate is extremely passionate about following Jesus and feels very blessed to be a part of The Spring Community. She also loves the web, good music, books, Star Wars, great television and her friends and family. Her dog, Goose, is her best friend and business partner. By day, you can find Kate at a local coffee shop making the web look awesome. By night, you can find her lounging in her Star Wars pants with a good book.

Lauren Coffman, Children’s Ministry


Lauren Coffman believes herself to be blessed to know the gracious love of Christ. She first gave her life to Christ when she was 16 and has enjoyed the journey ever since. At an early age she began to lead children and teens in building a relationship with Christ. Lauren believes that children have a wonderful understanding of our world, as they do not doubt God’s love for them. Due to this amazing insight that children have, she feels fortunate to be able to walk with them in first knowing God’s love and character through Jesus Christ, then growing in their Christian community, and sending them into the world to share Christ’s love.

Lauren is honored to be a part of the staff at the Spring Church. She and her husband Derek are overwhelmingly grateful to be surrounded by a wonderful Christ-loving community.

When she has free time she enjoys hiking, playing board games, and being a home body with Derek, their two puggles, Blue and Red, and their two cats, Roxy and Emma.