The spring welcomes and appreciates giving via online bill pay through your bank since that does save us credit card fees. We also love checks, please make them out to: The Spring Church and bring it with you on a Sunday or mail it to (2424 S Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ 85282)

Unfortunately up to 4.2% of your tithe will go directly to the credit card/paypal fees if you are un-able to use a check or online bill pay directly through your bank. However, we know that not everyone has access to these methods so please take advantage of our new online giving system.

Tithing at the Spring just got easier. We have updated our online giving platform from easy tithe to tithe.ly because it’s wonderful software and technologically easy to use.

Tithe.ly believes giving to your local church should be meaningful, simple, and fast. That’s why they built a comprehensive suite of digital giving tools for your church.

There are now several easy online ways to give to the Spring.

  1. Tithe.ly is integrated into our website on the GIVE page, so you don’t have to leave the website. Simple click the link!
  2. Tithe.ly offers a mobile giving app. You can download on IOS and Android from the app store.
  3. Tithe.ly offers text to give. Simple text “932745187” the word “GIVE”

Benifits to Tithe.ly

  • You can set up one-time and recurring giving.
  • You can give with and without an account.
  • However giving made with an account can be managed from the mobile app and text-to-give features as well.
  • You may choose to pay the credit card fees to keep our costs low!

If you have any questions about giving please email springpeople.org@gmail.com